Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Different jeans—but same band

The ‘mini View’ on location in Dryburgh—Christopher Snee (as Pete Reilly), Jake McGuire (as Kieren Webster), Cameron Fraser (as Steve Morrison) and Finlay Leadingham (as Kyle Falconer).

DUNDEE’S UNPREDICTABLE weather may have made filming difficult for the professionals yesterday, but the young, amateur actors playing their parts in the new View video couldn’t have cared less.

Sunshine, snow, rain and biting cold winds were the order of the day, making continuity difficult for film-maker Simon Poon Tip, whose production company PTE Media are filming The View’s latest promotional videos for double A side The Don and Skag Trendy.

Despite the weather, around a dozen locals aged from seven to 10 enjoyed themselves immensely, mingling with Kyle, Pete, Steve and Kieren and generally having a ball.

They also went down a storm with Simon, who said they had all acted perfectly and been extremely well behaved throughout the day.

Simon added, “People in this business say never work with children or animals, I don’t know about animals but I think if you give children enough to do and make it fun there’s no problem.

“They’ve all been terrific and we’ve had a really good time today—lots of fun.

“The weather has been a bit of a problem, we’ve had all four seasons here today, which is causing us a bit of a problem for continuity, but we should be able to edit it okay.”

Once again Dryburgh was a hive of activity as the film crew descended on the estate at 8am. They focused on Dryburgh Street, with the area becoming busy with fans flocking in search of a glimpse of their heroes.

However, the grown-up band members were taking a back seat as around a dozen young lookalikes took centre stage to play them and their mates as seven-year-olds.

Simon and his team have also enlisted the help of several Dundee adults who will play small roles in the film, and yesterday the band appeared at the Dryburgh shops to film their parts.

Filming continues today with the emphasis again on the estate, with a phone box and a Dryburgh bus becoming crucial props.

by By Alan Wilson, The Courier, Dundee 21 March 2007

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