Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another US Album Review

Great Scotts! The View, an earthquaking gritty rock group from Scotland, is the most recent smoke signal hailing from the Scottish music wildfire. Filled with the passion of these young chaps from the northeastern town of Dundee, Scotland, it’s no wonder why they were red-carpeted and featured on 2007’s roster for James Endeacott’s freshly developed label, 1965 Records. The View, originally a cover band, took on a more serious guise and composed original music in the backroom of the Bayview Bar (which gave way to their name) in their hometown. This quartet has been tearing into the radio frequencies with their clangy anthems and folky floggings on their new release, Hats Off To The Buskers. Lets take a look at what these teenagers have shelled out on their debut record.

“Comin’ Down” is the perfect way to start this pounding sonic delight. A punk rock clamor of guitar and a 70’s glam ego disaster blend well to power Kyle Falconer’s attitude-driven vocals. The next tune, “Superstar Tradesman” tugs my ears with a Euro-pop rock grip and I can’t help imagining myself singing along in the middle of a mob of people at one of their shows – well maybe not, but... “Same Jeans” and “The Don” bump along worthy of its single status and catchy swagger. From the Sixties honky tonk blues vibe “Don’t Tell Me” to the Ska shakes in “Skag Trendy,” it is apparent that Hats Off To The Buskers is quite a well-balanced listen. So… put your ear to the ground and await the vibrations.

Tickets for the European tour sold out in under an hour and their upcoming ten-day tour in North America lays down the tracks for a promising delivery of music from these young Scots. The View was featured on the NME awards sharing a major festival with A-list heavy-hitters the Who and Keane. They have been creating quite a buzz with their single “Same Jeans” and made it to television on BBC2’s TOTP2. So get your 'arse down to the record store, nab the album and play that record like a Scotsman plays his bagpipe.

Best Tracks: Wasted Little Dj’s, Wasteland, Comin’ Down

By Mike Rudolph, Crave Online, 21st March 2007


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