Thursday, February 15, 2007

V is for The View

This weeks Special Tribute Issue of NME featuring Oasis included an A ro Z of the band. Letter V was all about The View.

Dundee’s answer to the Burnage boys.

The View cut their teeth playing Oasis covers in caravan parks. Here are their favourite songs to play...

Some Might Say
Kyle Falconer: “We loved playing this song. Even though we were young and we coudnae understand what they were speaking about, it just stabbed you through the heart.”

The Hindu Times
“I loved playing this tune ‘cos of the drumbeat, man. It’s unbelievable. I always remember when Pete first got the demo. We were really excited about it but it turned out to be a dodgy recording and we could hardy hear what they were saying.”

Live Forever
“We performed it at a talent show and we won, so we always included it in our set. It always went down brilliantly with the crowd, and this probably more than any other Oasis song inspired us to be in a band.”

NME 14/2/07


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