Monday, February 12, 2007

Review: NME Rock Tour, Cardiff

The Horrors didn't even bother to turn up on Saturday night and with the standard set by the other bands across the weekend I understand why.

On Saturday night Mumm-Ra dodged the flying plastic pint glasses but won over the crowd with their swirling Killers-style synths, humour and classic pop echoes.

But Dundee sensations The View followed and opened with the energy it had taken Mumm-Ra an entire set to build.

By the time second track Wasted Little DJs hit the aggressively excitable crowd the gig felt like an event.

It was a hard act to follow and I wondered if homeboys The Automatic had it in them, but when the band launched into By My Side they channelled so much power it was as if they had been charging on the mains backstage.

Raoul and On The Campaign Trail showed developed musical muscle but the whole set was powered by crazed keys player Pennie, exuding dangerous electricity levels.

It was disappointing they only played one new track and one new cover version in a short set but what The Automatic proved is they are primed and ready to step up to the next level.

Gavin Allen, South Wales Echo, 12/2/07


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