Friday, January 12, 2007


SIZZLING Scots band The View are being courted by the organisers at this year's Glastonbury - but their popularity didn't get them a drink Stateside.

Festival organiser Emily Eavis has revealed that the Dundee combo are one of her favourite new bands and hinted they should soon be joining the bill alongside the first confirmed act, Chumbawamba.

The news confirms that it's going to be a memorable year for the rockers, who made the front cover of this week's NME.

But before they get too carried away with their success, they were given a reminder that they're still too young to drink on their latest trip to the States.

Kyle Falconer, Kieren Webster, Peter Reilly and Steven Morrison haven't yet turned 21, so, despite their rock 'n' roll image, they couldn't partake in any after-party booze.

The guys played a packed show in Los Angeles as part of their first US tour, which also included stops in New York and San Francisco.

They're now set to come back to Britain for the NME Shockwaves Indie Rock Tour, popping into Glasgow's Carling Academy on February 1, and they reckon they've got the midas touch with fans because they are so down to earth.

Bass player Peter Reilly said: "We're working class people and a working class band.

"We're a band for people to hold on to - we lead the lives they lead. Our fans believe in us and we believe in them." The guys, who release catchy new single Same Jeans on January 15, began their rise to fame in Dundee last year and played covers in caravan parks before making a huge impression at last year's Radio 1 Big Weekend and T in the Park.

Recalling their T set on the unsigned T Break stage, Peter said: "Normally there's no one there but when we played they had to call for more security because people were climbing up the tent poles and just kept singing. It was like they believed in us."

Guitarist Kieren also revealed how The View's signature chant originated. He said: "We've got a mate who comes to all the shows. One night he was really drunk and said, 'I'm going to get the crowd up for it,' and started singing, 'The View! The View! The View are on fire!' Then everywhere we played people started singing it."

Showbiz Liz & Beverley Lyons, Daily Record 12/1/07


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