Monday, November 20, 2006

Top 100 eligible Scots

11. Kieran Webster
Musician, 20
Lives Dundee.

Who is he? Bass player Kieran says The View's songs are "all about our mates". After giving Pete Doherty their CD at a gig, the band were promptly invited to play a set - then asked to act as support for a forthcoming tour. Their debut single, 'Wasted Little DJs', entered the charts before it was even released, and went on to reach number 15.

Turn-on Challenge him to a race. Kieran has just bought a brand-new racing bike.

Turn-off Being asked to translate his song lyrics. Dundee is his "hame" and he's not going to compromise for anyone.

Dream date Drew Barrymore and Kelly Osbourne - two celebs the band hung out with at London's K-West hotel, before the all-night bar was nearly drunk dry.Thanks to dek & duffy for info.


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