Monday, November 06, 2006

Interview backstage at Later...

Welcome to Later…
You've often said that Squeeze are one of your influences, how does it feel now that you're on Jools' show?

Pete Reilly: That's true, we didn't say that just to get on the show, we do actually like them! [laughs] Yeah it's really good to be asked to play on it.
Kyle Falconer: Yeah, I spent years trying to stay up to watch them, you know?!

Who are you looking forward to seeing in the studio?
Pete: Jarvis Cocker, definitely. And Kasabian, everyone really.

We've heard mixed stories about how you got signed to 1965 records. Can you clear it up for us?
Pete: Well Keiran knocked on the tour bus door and just handed a CD to Pete (Doherty).
Keiran Webster: Then he gave it to James Endeacott…
Pete: Then we were called up and offered support on Babyshambles and got signed to the label. I think that was a year ago now…Halloween, or Bonfire night, it’s all the same.
Keiran: It's completely different!
Steve Morrison: Just coming up to a year ago I reckon.
Kyle: It was all pretty good really!
Pete: Yeah, it was great really!

How did it feel performing at One Big Weekend in your hometown of Dundee?
Keiran: Well it was before we'd really left…
Pete: It was good. Where we were you could just cut through the woods and you were there you know, it was so close. Like five minutes away from our house.

What did your family and friends think of you performing in it?
Pete: Well it all felt a bit meant to be, really privileged you know, almost scripted? That's one of the first big things, with music, that's happened in Dundee, so for that to happen and us to be involved in it, it was really…special.

You've only been together for a few years, how does it feel having so much interest so early on?
Kyle: We’re just taking it in our stride. It’s definitely a good thing, but we’re just taking it as it comes. It’s definitely got it’s perks!
Pete: I mean this morning we were sat in a hotel lobby with Armani and this afternoon we’re at a sound check for Later…with Jools Holland, I mean that’s pretty great isn’t it? How could we not enjoy it?!


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i think they mean Mani, not Armani

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