Monday, October 09, 2006

The View + The Underground Heroes

The View + The Underground Heroes @ Tunbridge Wells Forum - 9th September 2006

Tunbridge wells Forum is an interesting place. Before it's launch into venue stardom it was one of Britain's largest public toilets, But around ten years ago the rotting urinal cakes, sexual predators and filthy toilets were removed to make way for a new bar and a freshly erected stage that would pay host to a number of chaotic acts along the years, and tonight Dundee's hottest new export, The View, are here to create a little carnage and they certainly bought their A-game.

But alas! The View were not the only treat in store. When Chattam's local band of miscreants propelled into a set of cockney based lyrical wizardry about the Views hometown and it's resident newly acclaimed celebrities, The Wasted Little DJ'S, in “Lost in Dundee” I think everyone got a little more than they bargained for. Exuding a captivating presence that is sure to never go unnoticed the Underground Heroes prove that their tales of whimsical local life and their cheeky grins are not their only loveable attributes. A top grade performance, and with their supporting slot on the View's tour they are sure to leave a little Chattam charm along the way.

After a small wait and some good old British taunting, the View walk on stage, Beaming with youthfulness and but not a grin in sight. Front man Kyle Falconer takes centre stage with his highly strapped guitar almost brushing his chin, after a few mumbled words a b-side of great beauty is unleashed upon the forum. “ Coming down ”” is constructed of distorted breaks and 70's-esque rock and roll riffs, which when layered with the trademark Dundee dialect provides a welcomed appetiser for a sweat packed evening.

Branding “The View” tattoo's on their upper right arms, the four teenagers are here to leave their own mark, and hailing from somewhere which appears rather secluded from the popular music world they certainly made didn‘t go unnoticed. They're young, they're reckless and most importantly they're talented and they're original. After early success with the release of their top 15 single, “Wasted little DJ's””, and future success with their next single “Superstar tradesman””, which by the way echoed the streets of Tunbridge Wells for days after, The View can do nothing but wait for the sell out shows to come rolling in.

Aided by the song writing skills of both Falconer and bass player Kieran Webster, The View are currently sitting on a gold mine of future album possibilities. “Same Jeans” and “The Don” both echo what we love about The View, Witty lyrics and catchy hooks, but with a little extra. Something that with out sounding too cliché is that certain “X-factor” that is impossible to pin point. Perhaps its their rock and roll ethos and their stench of teen spirit, or perhaps it's hidden in their buffoon hair-do's, but what ever it is, each song is ridden with it. Believe me, “ The View are on fire ”

Dan Jones, Transparent Magazine



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