Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Leeds Music Scene Interview

I don't know what was harder during my interview with The View; the fact that the interruptions by the fans were persistent and disturbing the band's answers or that Kieran, Steve, Pete and Kyle's accents are so strong that I had to keep asking them to repeat their sentences.

With twenty three tour dates set in September The View's schedule is busy. How do they cope with it all? "It's quite easy, we just get drunk before we go on stage, it helps you get in the mood but we've all lost weight, just constantly drinking, smoking and not eating. My mum won't be happy if she sees I'm this skinny!" It just so happens that after the gig in Manchester Pete is feeling too ill and has to go for a break back at the hotel where the room is littered with Les Meridiennes Rosé wine bottles, Marlboro Lights and Pringles.

The View are currently enjoying the success of being part of the Northern Indie scene and prefer playing to the Northern crowds. "They're much better 'cos you're spoilt for choice down London," Kieran answers. "There's always something to do every night but up North there's not as much, so when a gig happens everyone's there." They also prefer intimate venues and are keen to emphasis how important the audience is, "when we play wee gigs you get a better feeling of the crowd. You bounce off them more. When you put in that bit extra it shows." Steve agrees: "Our audiences are great. We're a real band and like real people." The most striking thing about this band is their welcoming personalities. Adoring fans are permanently present, congratulating and praising; surely it must get just a little annoying? "Yeah, it can do. But we're not rude people," answers Pete. "We would never be nasty to anyone, that's just not us. We don't ever want to be seen as tossers to our crowds, 'cos they're so good to us."

The Scottish boys seem slightly oblivious to how much hype is surrounding them; "The crowds seem to be getting bigger," Kieran claims, "'cos we don't read the papers or anything, we are just stuck in the van listening to our i-pods". They are currently listening to The Holloways, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Razorlight's new album.

With them on the road attracting numerous soapstars to their gigs, celebrity contacts with almost every indie band and the legendary Mani from the Stone Roses as a fan (who unfortunately didn't turn up when expected at Manchester) do they ever get star struck? "We used to," Kyle answers, "I couldn't even speak to Liam Gallagher when I met him. I was totally shitting myself, I was shaking and everything".

After about 17 gigs since the start of August have been performed to perfection, is there anything the boys would do differently? "The tour bus. Not that we are trying to be spoilt, but the tyres bust when there were loads of people in. It's horrible!" - the tour bus resembles a builder's van. It has no windows and only sits eight people and apparently according to Steve "smells like boys." How do they keep amused whilst on tour? "It's OK if the journey is only a couple of hours, we've got loads of DVDs and we have our i-pods which keep us going like." And does the tour bus have beds? After all, these boys are in demand by the girls, Kyle giggles, "no - but we manage." Of course one of the perks of this rock and roll lifestyle is the extra female attention they have received. I did think that surely it must be hard, always being demanded by girls at every gig, all wanting to sit with them, get drunk with them... sleep with them? I ask worryingly how they cope with it? Pete smiles cheekily and replies "very well."

The View release their next single, "Superstar Tradesman" on 23rd October.

Words by Charlotte Oxnard


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