Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fopp in Dundee

DUNDEE’S OVERGATE shopping centre was rocking to the sound of hometown heroes The View last night as the boys from Dryburgh celebrated the release of their single Superstar Tradesman with a rousing performance at the Fopp Store.

More than 150 fans, friends and family members packed into the tiny space to see Keiren, Kyle, Pete and Steve perform a five-song set, which also included their debut single Wasted Little DJs, a number 15 hit in August.

Hopes are high that the new single will do even better when the latest national chart is announced on Sunday.

The fans ranged from primary pupils to the over-60s, with guitarist Pete Reilly’s gran Jan Cunningham one of the lucky 92 to procure a wristband pass.

Pete said, “She’s never seen me playing live before so that was a bit of an experience for her.

“It was a bit weird to play in a shop and to play in front of so many kids, but it’s great for them—they never really get the chance to see bands like us play because it’s usually in pubs or big venues.”

Bass player Keiren added, “Yeah, all my wee cousins were here and they had a great time. It’s brilliant for them to be able to come and see the band.”

Ryan Wighton (11) from Greenlee Drive said, “They were great—I saw them at the Radio 1 Big Weekend but I’ve not had the chance to see them again. My auntie got me a wristband.

“I bought a CD and they all signed it. They’re really nice guys.”

Leanne McKenzie (14) from Dryburgh agreed. “They’re all brilliant. I’ve not seen them playing before but they’re fantastic, especially Steve.”

After the performance the young audience queued to meet the band and have their precious CDs and seven-inch singles signed by their heroes.

Fopp Dundee manageress Sandra McGregor said, “It was really successful all round, both for the band and for the shop.

“We sold over 200 CDs—that was twice as many in the first day as their last single, so hopefully that will help them on their way.

“We had good reports from the Fopp Store in Edinburgh during the day as well and they’re in Aberdeen on Tuesday."

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