Monday, October 23, 2006

The Young Knives and The View get Glasgow partying...

After a massive glowstick lit reception for the Klaxons in York, the Gonzo tourbus arrived in a sunny Glasgow for the last night of the tour.

The evening belonged to Dundee's The View who played to a huge and enthusiastic (almost) home crowd.
Greeted by a room chanting "The View are on fire", the band took to the stage at breakneck speed and kept the momentum going. The crowd shared the enthusiam, and band and audience alike crowd surfed to a blistering finale.

A tough act to follow but Australia's The Grates won the audience over with a mesmirising and upbeat performance.
The lead singer dressed like Lily Allen and sounded like Patti Smith and perfromed one song dancing in the middle of the crowd. The band were the real surprise success of the evening.

Last act of the night was The Young Knives whose witty, acomplished and rocking performance was a suitable end to an amazing night. Coaxed back on stage by Gonzo host Zane Lowe, the band's breakdancing rock-out finale left the crowd begging for more.

Upstairs finally for the after-party with Zane Lowe which went onto the early hours when a busy and exhasted tourbus finally drove away from The Barfly and started the long drive back to London.



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