Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Kids in Town - Sunday Times

Who are they? A Dundee four-piece, one of the first signings to 1965, the label set up by the former Rough Trade A&R maverick James Endeacott. The band blagged their way into a Babyshambles gig in their home town, slipping Pete Doherty a demo and, at a stroke, being taken on as support act. As if that weren’t enough, they then attracted the attention of the former Oasis producer Owen Morris. So far, so lucky. But they deserve it, as their great debut single, Wasted Little DJ’s, demonstrates. A punchy put-down, it eviscerates some celeb disc-spinners/star-chasers (“They told me if I write this song for them/That they would cut my hair for free”) to a thrilling musical collision between sweet pop and raucous discord. Their debut album follows in the autumn.

When’s the record out? Wasted Little DJ’s is released tomorrow.



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