Sunday, August 06, 2006

VIEW FROM HERE - Sunday Mail

ROCKERS The View have revealed the home town inspiration fuelling their meteoric rise.

The band are named after their local in Dundee and last week took Email on a Tayside tour of their favourite places.

And singer Kyle Falconer told how he feared a sore face after being cornered by a couple of hard men near his home.

But instead of being beaten up, the frontman was told: "We really love your single... it's brilliant."

The song, Wasted Little DJs, has lit the fuse for the band - Kyle, 19, guitarist Pete Reilly, 20, bassist Kieran Webster, 20, and drummer Steve Morrison, 19 - and is released tomorrow.

The buzz for the single is incredible after it was chosen as record of the week by Radio 1's Edith Bowman and playlisted on MTV.

The lads, all from the Dryburgh area of Dundee, took us on a guided tour of their local haunts, including watering hole The Bay View, where they first rehearsed.

They've since been banned after riding a scooter along the bar.

Kieran told me: "Our first band, The Casuals, had a residency at Arbroath caravan park playing Beatles and Oasis covers.

"We also won the talent show at St John's School three years running and spent the £30 prize on a carry-out."

As The View, they played their first gig at The Doghouse bar in Dundee 12 months ago.

Each had steady jobs. Steve was a butcher, Kieran worked in Pizza Hut, Kyle was a brickie and Pete quit an apprenticeship as a joiner.

Pete said: "We write about what we know. One of our best songs is Superstar Tradesman. It's about being told to get a good trade.

"But we didn't want to settle for the norm. We preferred to go all out for something we believed in."

Kieran said: "Giving up our day jobs made us work even harder. We'd be in The Doghouse for 12-hour shifts - rehearsing and writing. Then we'd go across to Lidl supermarket and buy noodles and cheap beer to keep us going."

The result was songs such as Skag Trendy and Comin' Down, which will form the foundation of their first album, Hats Off To The Buskers, to be released in January.

This week The View set off on their first UK tour after supporting Primal Scream, The Kooks and Babyshambles.

It was Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty who gave the lads their big break last September.

Kieran said: "Pete was playing a club in Dundee and I knocked on the window of his tour bus and asked him to listen to our demo.

"I played him Comin' Down. He loved it and played harmonica along with it. He told the promoter he wanted us to open the show."

Doherty gave the CD to James Endicott - the man who steered The Strokes and The Libertines to stardom - and he signed them to new label 1965 Records.

The View have since been compared to The Arctic Monkeys.

But Kyle insisted: "We're nothing like them. All they do is write songs moaning about growing up in Sheffield.

"We celebrate the fact we grew up in the way we did in Dryburgh."


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