Thursday, August 24, 2006

Listen to Kyle On BBC - Nottingham

Viewing the big time

The View are doing things the old way - gigging, gigging and gigging. They've got two dates in Nottingham.

Time was when the only way to become a pop star was to put in the mileage up and down Britain's motorway network.

TV channels like MTV and shows like X Factor have offered a shortcut to fame but Scottish band The View are happy to ply their trade in a more traditional way.

They're currently on tour with 49 dates confirmed and more expected to follow. Such a vast schedule means they'll be in Nottingham not once but twice. On August 24th 2006 they're supporting Aussie band The Vines at Rescue Rooms, then on October 10th they get the chance to headline their own show at The Social.

By the end of the tour their debut album should be in the shops.

Nigel Bell's been talking to singer Kyle Falconer about:-

• The origins of the band
• Playing cover versions in their early years
• Giving up an apprenticeship to be a pop star
• The View live
• Being name-checked by Bobby Gillespie
• Support band vs Headliners

  • Listen Here

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