Sunday, June 28, 2009

The View at Glasto

The View played a set plagued by technical problems on Glastonbury's Other Stage this afternoon (June 26).

The Scots had guitar troubles throughout their set, forcing delays between songs while roadies attempted to address the issues.

However, the band battled through and got the crowd going by playing 2006 debut single 'Wasted Little DJs' early on, and followed it up by playing a feedback-drenched version of '5Rebbeccas', the first single from latest album 'Which Bitch?'

Bassist Kieren Webster then took to the centre of the stage to sing two songs.

"My name's Kieren and I'm gonna do a bit of rapping for you if that's alright," he said, before launching into a version of 'One-Off Pretender', followed by 'Skag Trendy'.

Frontman Kyle Falconer - sporting a dangly earring in his left ear - dedicated 'Wasteland' to "everyone who's travelled down to the festival from Scotland", garnering an enthusiastic response from a section of the audience close to the front of the stage.

Other highlights in the band's set included 'Double Yellow Lines' (the first time the band have ever played the song live), and 'Face For The Radio', which resulted in a mass singalong from the crowd.

Before playing final song 'Same Jeans', Falconer apologised for the delays, but added that it wouldn't ruin his weekend.

"I'm sticking around for the whole thing and I think you should get fucked like me," he said.

NME, 26th June 2009


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