Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Which Bitch? review

Which Bitch? by The View. I missed the first CD titled Hats Off to the Buskers so I heard these guys from Scotland for the first time with this one. And I have to say that this is one more proof that Brit bands do have this unique flair for rock music, a fearlessness that keeps them from being beholden to tradition. The View is very good. Its melodies have this very commercial sparkle that makes the loud rockers such fun to listen to. And loud or soft, fast or slow or whatever, melody is what still counts in the music business.

That is not all these guys do. They also like to experiment and do provide nice surprises in the album. Best among these is having an orchestra play in Distant Doubloon and guesting hot young tenor Pablo Nutini in Covers. Their other important asset is Kyle Falconer. You know how much a rock band needs a good vocalist in order to excel and Falconer is The View’s key to becoming great. He can be sweet and whispery one moment, then wail you to hell in the next. And he sounds good every time. Best tracks here are 5Rebeccas, Shockhorror, Temptation Dice and Covers.

By Baby A. Gil, The Philippine Star, May 20th, 2009


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