Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Which Bitch? review

Sound: After loving Hats of to the Buskers, I was always expecting to enjoy The View's latest outing, Which Bitch? The general sound of the band's last album was good, and they've managed to equal their first album with this sophomore effort. My favourite song on the album was Shock Horror, swiftly followed by Five Rebbeccas. The other songs on the album where also top quality. I feel that The View have definately progressed with their general sound, with a more varied selection of songs on offer. // 9

Lyrics and Singing: I enjoyed the lyrics in this album, especially liking the words from Shock Horror and One Off Pretender. I think they have taken a slightly more grown-up approach with their lyrics. The fingers voice has yet again in my opinion come out as a marmite voice. With the strong Scottish accent and the occasional screaming from the lead, you can either love it or hate it. I personally love it, as I think that it suit's the music that they are playing perfectly, but you might not agree. As well as the lead's voice, there are nice harmonies and alternate lyrics from the rest of the band in 5 Rebbeccas, and Paulo Nutini also adds a different dimension when he makes an appearence in the song covers. There is also the addition of a female voice in the final 2 songs of the album (Give Back the Sun And Gem Of A Bird) which I think sounds lovely with the leads distinctive voice. Overall I believe that the general singing and variety on this album is fantastic. // 10

Impression: I think that compared to The View's previous album Hats Off To The Buskers, Which Bitch takes its place as its equal in every way. Although there may not be as many catchy, radio-friendly songs on it, that is not a bad thing, as the album is still excellent. I love the voice of the lead and his accompaniments, and hate absolutely nothing. If this was lost or stolen, I would definately get it again. It's currently taking pride of place at the top of my playlist. // 10

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