Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The View aim to oust The Boss

THE View have really hit the top this week with their second album - it's in the running for No1 ... against their hero Bruce Springsteen.

Kieren Webster, Kyle Falconer, Peter Reilly and Steve "Mo" Morrison are at No 2 midweek with Which Bitch? and are now hoping to oust The Boss by Sunday.

Even though Kieren spent the last six months getting into the American's music and only bought his boxset a few days ago.

He said: "We're up against The Boss. It's quite weird that we've ended up against him as I've just started getting into him.

"I went and bought his box the other week. I'm just going through that and we're about to conquer him."

Still, he reckons his band deserve to hit the top of the charts this weekend after branding their latest release the best yet.

He said: "It'd be good to get another No 1 under our belts again.

"We honestly believe this is the best album a Scottish band have made for a good few years. A lot of time has gone into it and there are good songs and good playing on it.

"It's different. It's not just churned out, like indie rubbish. We've taken risks and hopefully they'll pay off.

"I think it's a fair judgment by the public that we are at No 2. If you've only got a tenner, spend it on us."

The Dundee band are obviously eager to repeat the success of their debut album Hats Off To The Buskers, which went straight to No1 in January 2007 and was later nominated for a Mercury Music Prize.

But, this time round, none of them will put their lives on hold for success.

Kieren said: "We'll just see what happens. Everybody is excited, but I'm not going to spend weeks obsessed by it."

And the boys - who tour Scotland on February 12,13, 15 and 16 - say they won't promise to do any stunts, such as stripping off, if they make it to the top.

Kieren laughed: "We'll just come up to Scotland and play a great gig. We'll keep our clothes on, though Mo is generally naked quite a lot of the time.

"We'll be down here in London on Sunday so we'll probably just go out and have a big knees up."

The band have had a busy week to keep their minds off the chart race.

Kieren added: "We were on The Album Chart Show last night so we all had a wee drink, and Lily Allen was there.

"Now we're down in the Maida Vale studios doing a session for Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe."

The band aren't even relying on good luck symbols to help their chart bid.

Kieren laughed: "I'm not going to touch David Beckham's bum or anything.

"After this, we'll just will keep playing and hopefully go round the world a bit, come back, and write the next album.

"We've already started the process of writing some songs for it. We're quick off the mark this time. This one's a good album. We deserve it."

'It is the best Scottish album in years. If you've only got a tenner, spend it on us'

By Bev Lyons And Laura Sutherland, Daily Record, 4th February 2009


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