Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The View for Dublin

Scottish indie lads The View take their Which Bitch? release to Dublin next month.

The View make a long overdue return to Dublin on February 24 for a show in the Academy. Tickets priced €21.50 go on sale on Friday January 9.

Prior to that comes the January 30 release of Which Bitch?, the Dundee quartet’s sensitively-titled second album which has been assembled with the help of Oasis producer Owen Morris.

Tracks include ‘Typical Time 2’, ‘5 Rebeccas’, ‘Distant Doubloons’, ‘One Off Pretender’, ‘Unexpected’, ‘Temptation Dice’, ‘Glass Smash’, ‘Jimmy’s Crazy Conspiracy’, ‘Covers’, ‘Double Yellow Lines’, ‘Shock Horror’, ‘Realisation’, ‘Give Back The Sun’ and ‘Gem Of A Bird’.

The limited-edition version features an alternate black cover, Dryburgh and Barrowlands gig documentaries, and eight promo videos.

Hot Press, 6th January 2009


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