Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fights over new album

ROCKERS The View came to blows when writing their second album, Witch Bitch.

Frontman Kyle Falconer admitted he ended up "scrapping" with writing partner and bass player Kieren Webster.

And he confessed that booze was usually to blame.

The pair - who are both credited with penning the tracks on the disc, which is out on Monday - are normally a perfect partnership.

Kyle said: "I'll write a tune and if I really like it, I'll show Kieren. Usually, he'll point out something that's just been staring me in the face.

"I could nearly finish a tune and have just one line to get, so I'll show it to him and he'll say, 'It's that,' and I'll groan, 'f*****gyes man.'

"He's not as confident in guitar playing, he's a bass player, but he'll show me a tune on the guitar and I'll see something obvious to do with it, just like he sees something obvious to do with mine."

The duo would seem best of buddies. Kyle said: "It depends.


"When that has occurred, during "pure hour" sessions, it's because we have shown each other something which needs a smack up the a**e.

"I usually say to him, 'Oh my God, yes. That's brilliant.'" But he admitted that closeness can falter.

He said: "The last time we worked that well together, we got some Southern Comfort and said that every time we got a new extension of a song we would have a drink.

"But we ended up scrapping, having a fight in the street."

The Dundee four-piece recorded their new album in Wales with Oasis producer Owen Morris.

Kyle said they had more freedom than when making their debut No1, Hats Off To The Buskers.

He explained: "With our first album we gave ourselves rules, such as, we've got to be able to play it live, no piano, not too many harmonies, loads of stuff.

"On this album, we decided to do whatever we wanted ... sing about whatever we wanted ... play piano maracas. Whatever. So that was the deal."

The Same Jeans hit-makers are due to play a 13-date UK tour in February to support Which Bitch.

But their real aim is to play in the US and Japan again, after being banned from both countries following Kyle's 2007 fine for possessing drugs.

He told I Like Music: "I'd like to head to America. We've been once.

But we got banned. We got banned from Japan as well. It was s***e.

"We'd played Japan a few times, but then ... just got banned.

"We had drugs convictions. It was stupid. We can't go to America and we're blacklisted from Japan. Like Paul McCartney. I'm gutted.

"America was hectic, too. Waking up after not much sleep and having to play gigs.

"We kept saying: 'We have to be good and go to sleep early.' Then we kept meeting all these people and going back to parties."

By Beverley Lyons And Laura Sutherland, Daily Record 28th January 2009


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