Saturday, October 04, 2008

Carnage at Kieren's Flat

WILD boy rockers The View face having their musical equipment confiscated by police after a spate of complaints from neighbours in their hometown.

The chart-topping band have been rehearsing and recording demos at bassist Keiren Webster's council flat in Dundee's Hawkhill.

But locals have called in the police over their raucous antics and late-night music sessions.

Keiren admitted he was on a final warning from the boys in blue as he invited me up to the flat during what can only be described as both amid-afternoon recording and bevvy session. He said: "We hang out here as much as we can. Every time we record, the neighbours phone the police. They don't like us recording tunes here.

"The police are always being called round. I've told them every single time that I'm just trying to do my job.

"But the police say they are going to confiscate my equipment if they get one more call from neighbours complaining about the noise.

"If they take it I will have nothing left because all I have here in my flat are the equipment and instruments.

"I'll be left with an empty flat. The only thing left will be the couch." He added: "I have a silent neighbour who puts notes through the door. The police won't tell me who it is so I can go and speak to them and try to reason with them.

"I want to tell them that it's good times and it might be good for them to let a band like us get on with trying to make our music."

Despite the latest ultimatum from the police, The View continue to play in Keiren's flat at all hours.

In the living room, which is already strewn with empty beer bottles, they ran through a batch of new songs for me ahead of the band's upcoming 35-date UK tour.

It include Scots dates at Dunfermline's Kinema on October 16, Inverness' Raigmore (17), The Loft, Forres (18) and Edinburgh's Cabaret Voltaire (19), to tie in with their new single, 5Rebeccas. They have also just completed the follow-up to their No.1 album Hats Off To The Buskers, which spawned the massive hit Same Jeans as well as Wasted Little DJs and Superstar Tradesman.

The album was recorded in Wales during the summer with producer Owen Morris, who also worked on their debut release.
Called Which Bitch, it is influenced by everything from boogie to Tayside sea-shanties and will be released in early 2009.
And singer Kyle Falconer shrugged off a suggestion that the title of the album might be construed to be derogatory towards women.

Cracking open a bottle of Grolsch with his teeth, he explained: "The album is s*** hot.

"There are a couple of finishing touches to be put to it but when you hear the album through the right speakers it's really exciting.

"It's almost finished. They thought we didn't have enough songs but it is all good. There are 14 songs on there.

"On the first album we wrote whatever we wanted to write about. Now we all have girlfriends so we know what love is.

"It's called Which Bitch because we are all singing songs about birds. But we can't get into trouble because the girls don't know which bitch we are singing about.

"We don't care what people think because it is our point of view," Kyle said. "I'm excited about all 14 songs."

Then it was time for Keiran to batter the upright piano while Kyle and guitarist Pete Reilly join in with latecomer drummer Steven Morrison, who flashes his midriff to show off a new tattoo.

"It reads 'Made in Lochee' which is where I'm from. Loads of us have the same tattoo. I've just had it done," he revealed.
By the end of the session, Keiran is relieved there has been no visit from local bobbies following the band's latest run-in with the law.

The View were also banned from all 300 Travelodges in the UK after allegedly causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.
Taking a swig from his beer, Kyle describes his court experience as "bulls***" and claims the hotel chain that banned them had exaggerated the damage.

Kyle said: "The court case was bulls**t. That money wasn't in my bank anyway. The Travelodge were at it. I fell asleep in the bath. That happens. But they tried to charge me several thousand and claimed there was a leak.

"But I checked and there was no leak. They were just trying to take advantage.

"To be fair, there was always somebody off their t**s in the band or trying to smash something up in a hotel room.

"That will happen anywhere when you go on tour and spend time with each other. It's inevitable. S*** is going to happen."

He also defended the band's reputation for drinking too excess and causing havoc wherever they go. He said: "You get old grannies coming up and saying I shouldn't be drinking and they are standing there with a triple vodka in their hand.

"I tell people it's not my fault they've settled down because they're 50 and old.

"I'm 21 and I will drink as much as I want."

By John Dingwall, Daily Record 4th October 2008


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having put up with noisy neighbours to the point where I had to sell my property, I think these comments are irresponsible and typical of the younger generation who seem to think the world revolves around them. Hopefully this ignoramus will grown up soon... for the sake of his poor neighbours.

8:15 pm  
Blogger kaylito!!! said...

use earplugs i personaly would love to live in a flat near his n get to listen to the view practice all day

12:58 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EARPLUGS? What, in their own property? Are you for really?

8:39 am  

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