Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The View, George Square, Glasgow

...Dundee lads The View leaped into action with a hot, rocky kick start, motivating the already lubricated crowd into an appreciative frenzy of hollering and dancing. The set went from screechy, cataclysmic rock to ska-influenced punk-pop, with such songs as The Don, Skag Trendy and Wasted Life. Perhaps forgetting that they had a moshpit full of Glaswegians before them, the boys' heart-thumping rock threatened to push the crowd out of hand, and at one point they had to stop the set for a warning about fighting. However, all was well again as they ripped through the feel-good and friendly Face for the Radio and Dance Into the Night, sounding like a blend of Supergrass and The Rapture. A good night in the end - and a great set.

CARMODY WILSON, The Herald, January 02 2008


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