Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Don Review

WHILST they may be living the rock’n’roll lifestyle better than most of their peers at the moment, the scruffy Glaswegian four-piece never let it get in the way of writing a good tune with latest The Don continuing their run of quality singles.

Not as immediately lovable or catchy as Same Jeans or the recent recipient of a Best Track award at the NME Awards, Wasted Little DJs, the bouncy rhythm and ramshackle guitar clatter is just as enduring.

Kyle Falconer’s song writing is brimming over with Messrs Doherty and Baratisms and strong melodies that thankfully raise them beyond the mire of other post-Libertines groups.
Released on April 23.

Mike Caulfield, 1/ 5/2007 Manchester Evening News


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