Monday, April 23, 2007

The View has everyone dancing

THE VIEW rocked the Kentish Town Forum in London to its foundations on Saturday night.
It’s rare to see a gig in the capital so full of people all going beserk — but that’s what the lads from Dundee managed.

From teenagers at the front to industry bigwigs at the back, the crowd were dancing so furiously to the poppy punk tracks it felt like the balcony was going to cave in under the excitement.

The band’s big break came after they busked for PETE DOHERTY — and drummer STEVE MORRISON’s first taste of the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle came when he was arrested with the BABYSHAMBLES frontman for driving the wrong way down a one-way street. The View have been accused of copying Doherty and CARL BARAT’s old band THE LIBERTINES — but there is much more to them than that.

Wasted Little DJs, Same Jeans and the more gentle Face For The Radio were among the highlights of this awesome gig.

And in KYLE FALCONER and KIEREN WEBSTER, the band have two charismatic frontmen who are equally comfortable taking centre stage.

If you get a chance, go and check them out.

The Sun, 23rd April 2007


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