Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fans take in the superb View

IT PROMISED to be a night of fantastic entertainment and Dundee’s finest, The View, delivered everything that was asked for, and more.

An unbelievably euphoric set, delivered at blistering pace, had over two thousand people providing some amazing scenes, dancing and singing along as the boys from Dryburgh completed a triumphant homecoming at the Caird Hall.

The old venue has never had such a night possibly since The Beatles played in the early 60s.

A sell-out crowd for the all Dundee line up, singing along with every word, even for the support bands, lent an atmosphere that the biggest and best concert halls would be proud of.

The roar when Kieren, Kyle, Pete and Steve came on stage surely surpassed anything they have heard before and the party began in fine style with Comin Down, the first of around a dozen tracks from their number one album, Hats Off To The Buskers.

Barefoot lead singer Kyle Falconer and fellow songwriter Kieren Webster typically name-checked their mates, in particular Marco, aka The Don, the subject of their forthcoming single, which had the crowd in raptures, bouncing and punching the air as one.

The band then brought the blistering pace down a tad with the rarely-played, but superb Claudia bringing a huge singalong.

New song Fireworks And Flowers brought a change of instrument all round, with guitarist Pete Reilly moving to bass, Kyle on lead guitar and Kieren on lead vocals.

Kieren then brought the house down with his request for deserved applause for the support bands.

Gran’s For Tea, Skag Trendy and Posh Boys Can’t Play raised the level again before the spine-tingling moment of the night came with Face For The Radio.

“We only play this at special gigs, like this one,” Kieren said before 2200 fans joyously sang in unison throughout.

The night went into overdrive then with top-three single Same Jeans, closely followed by fellow charter Superstar Tradesman, their trademark ska version of Squeeze hit Up The Junction and finally the song that launched their chart career, Wasted Little DJs.

There was no encore but nobody cared, it was probably a relief as no one had any puff left after such a high-octane performance.

A massive triumph, but who would have expected anything less.

It has to be said yet again, The View were on fire.

The night began with a spirited set from young indie quartet Rush Hour Soul, who were a last-minute addition to the gig.

The Get Downs followed with their thrashy pop-punk, pulling a good reaction from the 600 or so who were in early to see them.

Luva Anna produced a typically-energetic, off-kilter folky-pop set, showcasing some great songs and proving why so many good things have been predicted for them.

The Law meanwhile are on a big roll, coming on stage to the familiar chant, “Ooh Ah Up The La’.”

With the venue filling up, and showing no trace of nerves, it could have been their crowd, with hundreds of hand-clapping, singing fans creating a mosh-pit that many touring bands would crave at the Caird Hall.

Songs like Velvet Morning, Millie and On Yer Bike had the crowd in raptures and lead singer Stuart Purvey even managed a Beatle-esque “rattle your jewellery in the posh seats” comment.

New single Milk & Honey raised the biggest cheer of their set before a roaring version of Hot Rod saw them off to wild applause.

It was as good a performance as any support band could have done and The Law showed they have a great chance of taking a few steps up the ladder now.

* The View have put Dundee firmly back on the worldwide musical map, according to the co-promoter of last night’s gig, Robert Hicks.

Robert, who promotes the successful Highland festivals RockNess, Belladrum and Loopallu, said wherever he goes and whenever he mentions Dundee, people ask him if he knows The View.

“It hasn’t been like that since the heady days of Deacon Blue or Danny Wilson or Billy MacKenzie, but it’s like that now,” Robert said.

“Dundee as a city is in everybody’s consciousness now because of The View.

“I think it’s great and it’s even better that bands like The Law and Luva Anna are coming up fast behind.

“To have an all-Dundee gig sell out the Caird Hall was brilliant, and it was a fantastic night all round.”

By Alan Wilson, Rocktalk writer, The Courier, 10th April 2007


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