Friday, March 30, 2007

New Release News

While the band are taking a well earned holiday and preparing for the upcoming sold out tour, we bring you details of forthcoming Double A-side The Don & Skag Trendy. Out on April 23rd on Enhanced CD and 2 Coloured 7" Vinyls featuring exclusive new recordings, tracklistings are: -

1. The Don
2. Skag Trendy
3. I've Just Seen a Face
4. The Don (Video)
5. Skag Trendy (Video)

You get both videos on this format. They are f*%!!n brilliant too. (see details below for video exclusives). Also, you get 'I've Just Seen A Face' which is a Beatles cover exclusive to this cd.

7" (1) green vinyl
1. Skag Trendy
2. The Don (Live from London Astoria)

Green vinyl and the only 'Skag Trendy' A side format in existence. 'The Don' is taken from the brilliant Astoria show back in December.

7" (2) orange vinyl
1. The Don
2. Fireworks & Flowers (Live from The Royal Albert Hall)

Orange vinyl. Plus you get this genius b side, a track Kieren wrote as a birthday present for his girlfriend when he had no money. This track is not available as a download so you can only get it here. It was recorded at the Royal Albert Hall on 26th March when The View supported Noel Gallagher.
To pre-order click here.


Video Exclusives
The Don and Skag Tandy

On Monday 2nd April the video for 'The Don' will go up on so check it out. It features all the regular Dryburgh characters and friends of the band you have met before in the Superstar Tradesman video plus Gerard Kearns who plays Ian Gallagher in Shameless. It’s the story of The Don (a friend the band grew up with who plays himself in the video) and Skag Trendy (played by Gerard Kearns) who lives next door and its the first instalment in a 2 part story. Part 2 is the 'Skag Trendy' video which will be shown on 4th April on Channel at 00:05 (just after The F Word.) If you cant wait until then, a 1 min preview will be available at the following sites from Monday 2nd April:

E4 Skins

Then from 5th April, The View's very own embeddable player will have the Skag Trendy video. Don't have The View player? Get in on the action by clicking here.

Columbia Records, 30th March 2007


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