Monday, March 12, 2007

Frenzy leads to second concert plea

Dundee chart toppers The View are being asked to put on another “homecoming” concert at the Caird Hall after the overwhelming response by fans this morning saw tickets for a gig in the city next month sell out in less than an hour.
The tickets went within 50 minutes and the city council said this afternoon that promoters DF Concerts had been approached regarding staging show by the Dryburgh band.

“Because of the amazing response — where tickets sold out at the box office by 9.50am and online on Ticketmaster by 9.07am — we have asked the promoters to consider putting on another gig at the Caird Hall,” a spokesman for Dundee City Council said.

Devoted fans of the band queued in the biting cold and rain overnight to secure tickets for their gig on April 9. At its longest, the queue numbered around 300 people, reaching as far back as the Marryat Hall, before the City Square box office opened its doors at 9am.

Many people had arrived last night to ensure they would be among the 2200 lucky ones going to the concert.

The sell-out concert has sparked has caused such a stir that even children who were meant to be at school and people absent from work were waiting to get their hands on tickets.

Yvonne Craib and Grace Watson were the first people to get their hands on tickets after waiting 12 long hours in the City Square.

“My son is autistic and he loves The View so I waited since 9.15 last night for tickets,” Grace commented. “I’m just delighted to have got them.”

Keren Rennie and Nicole Garland were also among the first to get briefs for the highly-anticipated event. Nicole said she had been a fan of The View for years as they had been at St John’s High School with her and would always demonstrate their musical genius at school talent shows.

Heather Smith of St Mary’s was hoping for tickets for herself and her daughters, who were at college and had been waiting in the queue since midnight.

“The View are really good,” she said. “It will be great to see them in the Caird Hall. It will be electric!”

When asked if Kyle Falconer’s recent drugs case had influenced her thoughts about the band, she commented that it did not change her appreciation of them and their songs — “It’s up to them what they do — it’s their life.”

Kerry Reilly of Stobswell said, “I’ve been in the queue since midnight. I like The View so much because they’re from Dundee and have become famous. They’re brilliant.”

Some tickets for the gig have been up for auction on ebay since the end of last week. By late morning the highest bid for two tickets was £92, despite having a face value of £12.50 each.

The View, who went to No. 1 with their debut album Hats Off to the Buskers, have been anxious to play the Caird Hall since their debut single Wasted Little DJs hit No. 15 and propelled them to celebrity status last year.

Earlier this month, lead singer Kyle Falconer was fined £1000 at Dundee Sheriff Court for drugs possession. This led to the cancellation of their US tour, although manager Grant Dickson said the tour has now been saved, with visa problems owing to Kyle’s court case expected to be overcome.

Evening Telegraph 12th March 2007


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