Friday, February 23, 2007

On fire and still smoking

SCOTS chart-toppers The View became the lastest act to take part in a T-Mobile Street Gig, performing within the confines of the spectacular and historic Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle, 21 February 2007
Frontman Kyle Falconer and members of the Dundee band The View brought their own unique blend of Dundee rock 'n' roll to Edinburgh Castle for 100 lucky Street Gig winners on February 21, 2007.

Only weeks after The View topped the album charts with their debut album Hats Off To The Buskers, the Dundonian band played one of their most unusual gigs yet.

Inside Edinburgh castle and with armed guards on duty at the Portculis, the band strolled onstage to just 100 lucky fans.
They delivered a red hot set of songs as if they were attempting to break the land speed record though bassist Kieran Webster complained they'd lost two strings within the first couple of numbers.

To chants of "The View are on fire", diminutive frontman Kyle Falconer belted his way through the band's hits such as Wasted Little DJs and Superstar Tradesman.

In the lyrics of the song Same Jeans, Falconer claims he's had the same jeans on for four days but from the look of the paint stained denims he wore at this gig, that was, in this case, a conservative estimate.

The song Grans For Tea couldn't have been more appropriate since it was dedicated to a couple of the band members' grandmothers who were down the front for the gig.

There was also a special treat as the group played their version of the Squeeze post-punk classic Up The Junction. This was a favourite with the Dryburgh contingent, who used to see the band in their local pub in Dundee before they made it big.
There's no doubt about it The View are hot right now. Whether The View are on fire may be open to debate but on this showing, they were definitely smokin'.

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