Thursday, February 08, 2007

Band rubbish Doherty fall out

Scottish rockers THE VIEW have hit back at reports they have fallen out with PETE DOHERTY because their wild ways were a bad influence on the troubled singer. The SAME JEANS hitmakers, who were recently banned from a British hotel chain after trashing several hotel rooms before attempting to run out on the £7,000 ($13,650) bill, have supported Doherty's band BABYSHAMBLES on a string of dates in the UK. But it's been claimed The View are banned from touring with Babyshambles again in case they lead struggling addict Doherty astray as he tries to quit drugs. But 19-year-old bassist KIEREN WENSTER fumes, "I want to set it straight, we are mates. Some people are trying to stir up trouble and I don't know why." (Pressemitteilung), Austria 7/2/07


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