Monday, January 29, 2007

NME Tour Preview

With debut album, Hats Off to the Buskers already on the shelves, The View have laid down the challenge for all who follow in 2007. The Scottish rockers are also preparing to play the NME Indie Rock Tour, a springboard that the Arctic Monkeys used to such devastating effect last year.

"I'm well pleased, 'cos it's a good launching pad for bands. It was pretty chaotic when Arctic Monkeys played last year so hopefully we can do more of the same," says lead singer Kyle Falconer on what it means for The View to be playing the tour.

Having gained a dedicated and passionate following in 2006, these superstar tradesmen have every reason to be quietly confident going into the tour, but is following in the Monkeys footsteps any reason to be nervous?

"I suppose 'cos it went mental when they were on tour. A lot of my mates were at that tour and they said they stole the show," muses Falconer. "They said that everybody came to see them and when Maximo Park came on, a lot of fans had left. I think we'll do OK though. We've got some pretty good songs ourselves."

Autumn's NME Rock 'n' Roll Riot tour, featuring The View's tourmates - The Horrors - didn't exactly go off without a hitch, as fellow Scots The Fratellis had a bit of a run-in with The Horrors. Falconer, however, is confident that there won't be any such trouble this time round.

"We always try and get along with other bands," explains Falconer. "Besides most other bands on this tour are bigger than us so we'd have to keep the peace. In terms of on the road relations, we'd just take sides if it all kicks off."

With the promise of a peaceful tour, he adds, "I'm looking forward to seeing The Horrors 'cos I've not seen them before. I think it'll be mad when they play."

The View are also well acquainted with the tour's Welsh headliners, The Automatic. "We played with them in Ibiza and [Alex] Pennie's a lunatic, he's a right laugh. He played the keyboard with us on our tour bus. Some of the others are a bit nerdy but I really got along with him."

The NME Indie Rock Tour rolls into Cardiff University on Saturday 10 February, a day before the Indie Rave Tour follows suit. And if there was ever a face-off between the ravers and the rockers, Falconer knows exactly where his allegiances would lie.

"The rockers, because they rock and rockers are always hard." Good boy!

Pete Hayman, Waterfront Online 29/1/07


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