Thursday, January 18, 2007

'The Big Issue' Album Review

Rated 4/5

What is it? The ravenously anticipated debut from hell-raising Dundee four-piece The View

What's it like? Advance word on this record had it up there next to Oasis' Definitely Maybe as one of the finest British debuts of all time. That might be slightly wide of the mark, but in terms of pure swagger it's everything a rock'n'roll album should be and more: all scraggy guitars, sharp hooks and sheer youthful insouciance.

Why do i need this? Like Arctic Monkeys, The View speak directly to their own generation. Though orginality is barely given a second glance, who gives a damn when infulences are worn this well?

Which tracks should i burn? 'Same Jeans' & 'Face for the Radio'

You'll love this if you like: The Libertines, Oasis, The Jam.

By Malcolm Jack, The Big Issue 18/1/07

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