Monday, January 15, 2007

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Rated 4/5
Four scruffy 18-year-old Scottish lads are set to be big in 2007. Following on from the Arctic Monkeys' success last year, this foursome fit the bill perfectly to takeover. Northern? Tick. Barely out of school? Tick. Catchy indie pop? Tick. The A & R men must've been chomping at the bit to sign-up this lot.

But, cynical as we are, these boys do not disappoint. Packed with heaps of character, The View's album Hats Off To The Buskers, is a very strong debut indeed. First single Same Jeans has been doing the rounds on major chart and alternative radio stations and the 'Next Big Thing' stamp has been firmly placed on their spotty young foreheads.

They say: 'Rough and ready guitars underpinned by sweet, clever songs.' - The Mirror

We say: A fun uplifting record from a band wise beyond their years.

Best Tracks: Same Jeans, Skag Trendy, Wasted Little DJs



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