Friday, December 08, 2006

The View @ Academy 2

WHEN your website address is, performing a live set which is anything other than visceral and intense is simply not an option.

Pleasingly, last night the Dundee quartet lived up to their internet billing by laying on a show that proved why they are on the lips of many a critic.

Signed to James Endeacott’s fledgling 1965 Records, the group’s debut offering Hats Off To The Buskers, hits the shops in January and should be the first big seller of the year.

A new leaf on an esteemed vine of acts Endeacott has helped bring to the attention of the British public in the past, including The Strokes and The Libertines, the Dundonian four-piece are riding the crest of the wave at the moment.

Their producer Owen Morris, famed for his work on Definitely Maybe, has apparently been bestowing them with platitudes, while a slot on NME’s annual university circuit jaunt awaits in February.

A sweaty, hormone-packed ball of hair, the audience appearance mirrors that of singer Kyle Falconer and Co.

Performing in front of a backdrop of images from hometown estate Drybrough, I was keen to see if the had other material equal to the thrilling singles which have been all over the radio in recent months.


Dance Into The Night surfing on a killer, pulsating bassline from Kieran Webster, has indie disco anthem stamped all over it, while Skag Trendy would surely have made the Trainspotting soundtrack if it had been penned in 1996 rather than 2006.

And although it was more difficult to pick out similar skiffle-like melodies on Don’t Tell Me and Street Lights, the sheer bluster and bravado they carried them off with meant repeated listens are advisable.

It was debut offering and tribute to pals back home Wasted Little DJs, which kicked things into Oasis-esque football crowd territory though, greeted with a barrage of plastic glass missiles and flying limbs.

Assured set closer Superstar Tradesman, merged jangly Las’ like riffs with the passion of the Libertines at their heady best.

It certainly seems the nation’s teenagers have another band they can believe in – I just hope that when the LP does see the light of day it is worthy of such devotion.

If it is, expect The View to go panoramic in 2007.

Lawrence Poole, Manchester Evening News, 06/12/06
  • Watch 'Don't Tell Me'
  • Recorded by rrrichyrich


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