Saturday, December 02, 2006

'Essential Downloads' & 'New to Q' Magazine Features

The View feature heavily in this months editon of Q Magazine.

Q-50 thee essential tracks to download this month
Number 9 - Superstar Tradesman - The View
Much-fancied Scottish tearaways who've taken both the sound of the Libertines and the spirit of early Oasis, and then added a dash of Celtic mischief .

New To Q - The View
Erstwhile cellmates of Pete Doherty

Last Febuary, The View got arrested. After supporting Babysha,bles, a member of the dundee quartet was a passanger in Pete Doherty's Jaguar when police notices it had been reported stolen (wronghly , as it turned out). Cue a high speed chase thropugh Birmingham.

"They nicked us as Pete took a wrong turn down a one-way street", says drummer Steven Morrison, in his heavy Scottish brogue "We spent a night in the cells."

No charges were brought, but the incident sealed The Views reputation as the ASBO Arctic Monkeys. Slumped backstage at the Forum in north London with hangopver - included scowels glued to their faces, the all under 21 band - completed by singer Kyle Falconer, guitarist Peter Reilly and bassist Kieren Webster give off an air of menace.

They've had plenty of time to hone their gang mentality, not to mention their Libertines influenced guitar racket. All were raised on Dundee's Dryburgh council estate. Metting at a local catholic school, they bonded over a love of Oasis and a desire to make music.

"We used to hang around at night outside the offie" says Webster. "We'd play guitars and wait for the first over 18 to arrive so they could buy us cider"

in 2001 they formed a covers band to supplement their pocket money. The hobby turned serious three years later when Falconer quit his job as a brickie and turned his attention to songwriting. Morrison (butcher), Reilly (joiner) and Webster (pizza takeaway assistant) soon followed suit.

A string of chaotic gigs led to a record deal. Since then, they've cracked the top 20 with single Wasted Litlle DJ's and have just finished recording their debut album with Oasis producer Owen Morris.

"He reckons its one of the best albums he's recorded since definitly Maybe. says FALCONER "I HOPE SO. I DONT WANT TO GO BACK TO BEING A BRICKIE AGAIN"

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