Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gonzo, Cardiff Review

NOW in its third year, Gonzo On Tour has become a stable for new bands to elevate themselves out of the smaller live circuit and also provide a chance for more established acts to revisit their old musical stomping grounds.

The ubiquitous host, DJ Zane Lowe, bowled into Cardiff Barfly with his usual enthusiasm until he realised the venue was only half full.

The show was a sell-out, but due to the ridiculous start time Dundee band The View had to play in front of just a handful.

It didn't prevent the band from tearing through a set of rambunctious indie-rock gems.

Curtain-haired lead singer Kieran was in no mood to hang around as the set wound down with the vitriolic Wasted Little DJ's and latest single Superstar Tradesman. It was a decent enough start to the night until Swedish quintet Love Is All bounded onto the stage with a lot of character, but a lack of tunes. Frenetic front-woman Josephine Olausson was manically banging a cowbell to the sounds of Busy Doing Nothing, a shout riot that lacked any killer hooks or conviction.

The band carried on full of swagger nonetheless and the breakneck aggression of Trying Too Hard packed together the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Siouxsie Sioux into the musical big bin. For all their heartfelt energy, it was no surprise the bands latest album is called Nine Times That Same Song.

More insanity was provided by Canadian mistress Peaches. As expected, the set was bizarre to say the least, but some of the gratuitous filth on show was too much even for the most voyeuristic of fans. It was hard to believe the woman straddling the stage used to be a school teacher and librarian but the switch to electro clash punk brought mixed results.

Latest single Boys Want To Be Her used Peaches' minimal sound to great effect with a simple riff and suggestive vocal but Show Your *** played out the murky narrative too far with dreary techno back beat.

It was a shame the best band had played first instead of last as a switch in order may have lifted the certain air of anti-climax.

With other Barfly venues hosting the likes of The Kooks and The Young Knives, you couldn't help but feel a little cheated.

by Michael Took, Western Mail


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