Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yuppies this Sunday night Oct 1st

The View are going to play Yuppies this Sunday night Oct 1st...

It's been secretly organised as a fundraiser to help the Law & Luva Anna complete the rest of their UK tour...

There's loads of people in Dundee wanting to see them anyway so big thanks to the boys in the band for doing this... I'm sure it would be easy for them to take a break and have a few nights off instead, but they're gonna do it, and it'll be mental...

The Line up is

The View
The Law
Luva Anna
the Getdowns

Doors open 7.45 - midnight
Ticket price £7
the gig is over 18's (not 21's as is sometimes the case in yuppies)
and long haired people with trainers on are welcome too

New range of View T shirts will be on sale...

rock on and thanks for supporting your Dundee scene !!


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