Monday, September 18, 2006

The View @ Kentish Town Forum, London

For a bunch of scruffy Dundonian teenagers who’ve only been across the border for five minutes, The View aren’t half getting a lot af attention. Commendably touring as many backwater gigs as possible over the course of three months, tonight’s appearance at the comparatively upmarket Forum supporting a newly resurrected Vines sees them bring their riot-pop ramalama to try and win over the southern fairies of the capital. Yet before they even launch into their first tune, a chant is thrown up by fair proportion of the crowd at the front: “The View, The View, The View are on fire…” What? They have their own chant already? What ever happened to a band having to work the crowd first, before they chanted your name?

The truth is, The View already have a sizeable following, not just in their home country, but via the magic of myspace their reputation as Dougal-haired rapscallions who are bringing back a joyous mash-rock sound has been spreading rapidly, and the chant has followed them wherever they go. But it’s not just tonight’s crowd that are expecting big things from Kyle, Kieren, Pete and Steve. James Endeacott was sufficiently bowled over after only a handful of gigs to sign them to his new ’65 label, and Owen Morris, who once produced a little known album named ‘Definitely Maybe’ will be doing the honours on The View’s debut.

Bounding round the stage, swapping guitars and yelling pitch perfect Celtic harmonics through an enormous amount of hair, The View are a pretty rampant spectacle. But it’s currently on debut single ‘Wasted Little DJs’ that they are judged – an ebullient, incomprehensible, ramshackle, but ultimately fantastic slice of upstart indie-pop that positively shouts ‘we’re under twenty, and we’re having it’. ‘Skag Trendy’ and ‘Posh Boys’ launch more commentary on society’s folk from their viewpoint, but don’t quite have the same infectious drive as ‘DJs’.

So with roughly a hundred more gigs to come this year, the chant will be slowly making its way round the country, like an aural epidemic. However, The View may be on fire, but they’re not quite at the Great Fire of London level yet – they’re probably something more akin to a creeping forest blaze, still set to spread throughout the dried up landscape.

by Brendon Hooper,, Tuesday 29/08/06


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