Monday, September 04, 2006

The View at Yo-Yo

The visit to Hull by recent chart-breakers The View had been talked up for weeks and 600+ music fans came to see one of the hottest new bands to emerge from north of the border.

The View hail from Dryburgh in Dundee and are currently on a mammoth UK tour.

The chorus on Wasted Little DJs is exceedingly catchy and the song is quickly reaching anthem status among the fans. This song alone could propel them into the serious contender position.

But they have more. Posh Boys Can't Play is a sure thing and goes down well with the fired up crowd tonight. The class divide theme supports the backlash against the middle class/public school floppy fringe blazer boys.

You get the feeling that The View are very proud of their roots - never more so than when they played the laidback reggae number halfway through the set. This one paints a picture about the schemes (housing schemes) and surrounding area where they grew up in Dundee. The rich Scottish twang comes across clearly as the vocalists switch places; that tone coupled with the sweet reggae vibe fare well together.

I relished in the homage to the Rastafarian tradition on the Jimmy Cliff opening line and given more room to dance would have happily king-stepped my way through the standout number.

The crowd were going nuts all the time the must-see four piece were on stage. Every song was accompanied by at least one crazy crowd surfer. I watched them being tossed this way and that as they rose and fell, riding their way to the stage. The View seem to have that special ingredient, that certain something, that sparks an ordinary gig into a high octane event.

The energy and excitement amongst the shiny faced revellers was matched only by the rock n roll driving power of the band. All credit must go to Andrew Coe and DJ Priya, the hardworking Yo-Yo couple that once again found themselves with the hottest ticket in the town.

The queues stretching far down Beverley road proved this and then some. Andrew, ever seeking to bring the best bands to Hull booked The View over six months ago, long before their full page spreads in the popular music press. Another amazingly good night brought to you by Yo-Yo at The Welly Club in Hull.

Sadly I didn't get to the chance to meet The View in person and put a few questions to them due to the fact they had an early flight in the morning. But now they've played their best gig to date in our city - the word from the band last night was that the Hull gig topped their knockout performance at Reading Festival - so they'll be back for sure.

By Michelle Dee
Saturday 2nd September 06 - The View at Yo-Yo


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